Let’s get this straight, you are not in high school, and could no longer get away with eating whatever you want to eat and still stay as slim as a rail.

The bitter truth is when you are not in your teens, and as you age, you need to watch your diet.

If only there was a way to burn off those French fries, pizza, cheesy pasta and scrumptious burgers by walking miles and working out for hours and hours in a gym.

The truth is, those sexy flat abs are made in the kitchen and no amount of sweating in a gym can assure a lean body even if you maintain an unhealthy diet.

It’s a nice thought which, btw, many people even give it a try too.

FYI, there’s no way to exercise off a crappy or poor diet.

According to a study published last year in the British Medical Journal “It is Time to Bust the Myth of Physical Inactivity and Obesity: You Cannot Outrun a Bad Diet.”

The researchers confirmed this, and further said that emphasizing too much on the physical exercise by compromising on dieting or healthy eating encourages manufacturers to create a “health halo legitimization of nutritionally deficient products.”

Just eat whatever you want and burn it off later through exercise is a dangerous mindset.

The problem is that people eat too much, they stay idle for too long, don’t indulge in any form of physical activity or exercise, hence they become obese.

According to a certified nutrition specialist, JJ Virgin, “What you eat signals hormones to store or burn fat, boost or crash metabolism, and build or break down muscle.”

The thing is not all calories are created equally. All kind of calories has different reactions and impact on your body. You can’t expect the calories present in potatoes react in a similar way present in a scoop of ice cream.

Every food has a different role to play within the body, for e.g. sugar is responsible to drive up insulin levels, whereas foods such as spinach are responsible to cause other hormones such as glucagon, to release fat to burn for energy.

The best way to understand what we should eat is by treating food as information. Food works like a building block to achieving your goals.

The material you used to build your house determines how your house is built. The house that’s built using straw will be different from a house that’s built using cement and steel. Similarly, our body is what we eat.

So, what should we eat?

First of all, you need to figure out how many calories you exactly need, depending on your lifestyle and fitness level.

Then make sure you are getting them from good sources.

Avoid eating lots of sugary food, because if you won’t stop, no matter how vigorous your diet regime is you will struggle to stay trim.

Bonus tip:

Eating a little extra on days when you work out and consume good calories (like that spinach, protein-packed breakfast, grilled chicken dinner a protein shake, etc.) will help you a great deal in your fitness regime.

Keep on exercising, at least thrice a week!

Exercise is crucial for long-term weight management, because it not only boost your metabolism, helps you achieve a sexy toned body, protect your body against injury, improves your life quality by protecting you/minimizing against the symptoms of cardiovascular disease, dementia, diabetics and life-threatening diseases such as cancer.

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